Saturday, December 29, 2007

Still a "Young" Bridge Player

For some reason sitting at breakfast today, one of the last mornings in '07, I started thinking about how many times I have heard from an opponent upon arriving at a table, "It's nice to see young people playing bridge." In my early years of playing I heard it so often that, while I smiled politely each time, I was still a little annoyed by the un-originality of the comment. Well, I turn 30 in early '08, and as my grey hairs add up, I'm starting to wonder how many times I'll hear that again. It isn't annoying anymore. While I'm no longer that young in mainstream life, I am confident that I have at least a couple of more years of being called a "kid" at the bridge table. And that feels all right! Happy '08 everybody.


Jason said...

My preferred response to the "it's so nice to see young people playing bridge", comment has always been and remains, "well, it's nice to be seen playing bridge." If people are going to give you a canned and pointless line, you might as well give them a canned and meaningless response. It's only fair. I figure we've still got at least another decade of being called young bridge players though.

Becker said...

I was at the club today and got a "it's nice to see someone under 60 playing." A slight variation to cater to my grey hair.