Friday, January 4, 2008

What does this double show?

Playing IMPs with a random partner and random opponents (online) I held 2nd seat red/white:
RHO passed, I passed and the auction continued 1 Spade, 2 Hearts, 2 Spades to me. Do you bid? I wanted to bid but couldn't think of anything that appealed, so I passed. The auction continued Pass, Double, Pass back to me. Question--what hand do you expect from partner for reopening here, and what is your action?

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kennyz said...

I agree with the original pass. If we have enough for game, partner will take action in balancing seat, and if opps decide to bid 3s locking partner out, I have no problem doubling that for penalties. I don't know exactly what partner has, but it should be something other than a bare minimum. I'm bidding 3nt now. I don't think 2nt is natural, and even if it is I may have too much for it. Passing 2sX is way too big a position to take in my book, so 3nt seems like the best choice to me.