Saturday, December 15, 2007

Up and running...a deal from the Reisinger

Well I've thought about doing this for quite some will be nice to have a forum where i can post interesting deals that come up and other general ramblings about the game. As long as I'm making my first post, I may as well include one of my favorite hands from the recent North American Bridge Championships in San Francisco. This deal came up in the second qualifying session of the Resinger Board-a-Match Teams. My partner Kenny and I were playing against Rosenberg/Zia with neither vul and South dealer. I was East, holding:
I began waiting patiently for the bidding to come around to me so that i could bid 4 hearts, but quite a bit of action occured first. Zia opened 1 Spade, Kenny overcalled 2 Clubs and Rosenberg cuebid 3 Clubs showing a good spade raise. No matter, i had my chance so i bid 4 Hearts as planned from the beginning. Kenny threw a monkey wrench into things by alerting. Zia asked for an explanation and I learned that I supposedly had clubs as well as hearts--we play fit-showing jumps in a lot of situations and evidently this was one of them (oops). Zia bid 4 Spades, Kenny bid 5 Clubs and, not surprisingly, Rosenberg doubled. Putting on my best poker face (still not that good tho), I passed and Zia thought long and hard before passing also. Rosenberg led a spade and my dummy was exposed...fortunately it was good for a ruff and Kenny eventually escaped for down one (he had 7 clubs to the AKQ in his hand). Zia's comment, "you had a club fit of sorts" was met with hilarity around the table. We actually achieved the "par" result on the hand because 4 Spades just makes North South and East-West have 10 tricks in hearts. Unfortunately justice was served--we lost the board when our teammates didn't get trump going early enough to prevent a diamond ruff in 5 Hearts Doubled at the other table. Cmon guys, you can't let us down like that! :)


Allegra said...

I like the agreement "4 of a major by unpassed hand is never a fit-jump" when playing lots of fit-jumps

Becker said...

thanks that's a good one--simple and practical

kennyz said...

Here's another "simple" agreement: ALL jumps in competition are fit showing. So simple and clear that it's *impossible* to forget, no? :)