Saturday, May 21, 2011

7-5 Come Alive?--Updated

Most have probably forgotten this hand as well, but here is the conclusion. At the table I held the 7-5 hand and, while my high card strength was considerably underweight for my bidding, my defense was actually quite good--two sure tricks and a side void. Partner's double here was clearly the "I doubt they can make it" variety, and with no certain fit, I decided not to argue. My partner had Qx xxxxxx AQJx x and we defeated the contract two tricks on the ace of clubs lead. One hand doesn't prove much, but overall I thought we judged this one pretty well.

I may never again have the chance to contemplate defending a 3-level partial with a good 7-5 hand, but I faced this situation on Friday evening as South, 4th in hand with only E-W vulnerable:
Surprisingly, the auction started quietly with two passes to my RHO, who opened 1 Diamond. I overcalled 2 Clubs, LHO made a negative double, partner passed and RHO bid 2 Diamonds. I bid 2 Spades, LHO competed to 3 Diamonds and partner doubled. What now?


Jonathan Weinstein said...

Cute hand. The two bullets do make it tempting to pass. There is a very good chance partner has a stiff club. He could have 3 spades, but even then there is no guarantee of making 4S, and even then you might have 500 coming. I'm convinced, go for it! (lead the CA, maybe I can get him in and get a heart ruff, yum.)

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