Saturday, November 6, 2010

Slams in Lake Geneva Part 2

Buoyed by the success of the previous hand, Dan and I faced another slam opportunity. I picked up: KTx Tx AT9 AKxxx and heard him open a 15-17 1NT.

Using standard methods, you have 3 main options. The simplest is a direct 3NT--pessimistic, but nothing is perfect. Also you could try an invitational 4NT. Finally you can take the scientific route, starting with a club transfer. If your partner doesn't super-accept, you can bid 3NT, which should show a mild slam invite, albeit usually with 6 clubs (with less you wouldn't bother with the transfer). Over the super-acceptance you have to bid 4NT--a 3NT bid here would be based on good clubs and invitational values...something like xx xxx Jx KQTxxx.

Our pre-game discussions gave me a fourth option here. I could bid 4 Spades as a lighter balanced slam invitation (4NT would be more encouraging). Since my hand provides help in all the suits, I decided to choose this course rather than showing clubs. Dan jumped to 6 Hearts and I corrected to 6NT. This worked out well...partner had:
A9x AQ9xx Kx QJx
He made all the tricks on a friendly layout, which gave us a slam swing.


Memphis MOJO said...

Did your team do any good? I played with Cheri a long time ago when we were both kids -- she's a dream partner.

Becker said...

We won! Cheri was fantastic as always.

Memphis MOJO said...

Well, congrats then, you're too modest. I had to pry it out of you.