Monday, February 1, 2010

Opportunity in the Auction

I enjoy finding opportunities to use free bids to introduce both a fit and another important feature of my hand. One came up this weekend in a sectional pair game. My partner opened a red/white 3 Hearts in 3rd seat. My RHO overcalled 3 Spades. My hand was:
I was comfortable competing to 4 Hearts with these cards, but it would be a gross shot in the dark to act over the 4 Spade bid that I was sure would come on my left. It looked clear to me that 4 Diamonds was the call, both helping partner evaluate his cards and possibly to help us on defense later. LHO did indeed bid 4 Spades, which ended the auction. I led a heart to partner's ace and he promptly returned a diamond into a dummy of:
I cashed my 2 diamonds and we eventually conceded the rest, -420. I lamented that we had missed a rare bird, the red on white save. Partner's hand was:
Sacrificing would have netted -200 or +50 if the opponents had competed further. In the recap, though, we scored 28/38 for -420. Apparently many had returned their singleton club after winning the first trick with the ace of hearts, allowing declarer to hold his diamond losers to 1. I was pleased with the result and am glad to get rewarded for making bids like this that have several ways to win and very little to lose. It's a standout if you think about it, but it is very easy to lazily bid 4 Hearts at the table.

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Jonathan Weinstein said...

I held the declarer's hand,
AKxxx Kx Kxx Axx, so there is a tough decision over 3H -- I chose 3NT. The next hand "lazily" bid 4H not 4D, which was even more important at our table because now partner bid 4S and the preemptor was on opening lead. Of course he led his stiff.