Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rebid Problem/Possible Solution--Updated

You hold:

You open 1 Spade, partner responds 1NT and you bid?

Well, I bid 2 Hearts as well and we did miss a cold game this time. Partner had: x xx AQJTx J9xxx. One of the biggest problems I've had with standard bidding is this exact situation--opener's simple rebid in a new suit has a very wide range. One possible solution is the Gazzilli convention. Stacy Jacobs has a nice write up on her blog here: Basically a 2 Club rebid on this auction could be arificial, encompassing your jumpshift hands but also the problem-range hands. It starts around a good 16 points and responder's 2 Diamonds is a relay, game-forcing if opener has 16+. Our auction on the given hand would go-1S-1NT-2C*-2D**-3H***-3NT
*-Gazzilli--either semi-natural or 16+
**-8+ points any (gameforcing opposite 16+)
***-16+, 5-5 majors


kennyz said...

2H. What's the problem?

Becker said...

2H seems normal enough, but wouldn't you at least consider 3? How will your partner know he's supposed to bid game with something like x Kxx Axxxx xxxx?

kennyz said...

nope, not me. I'll miss some games when we have a fit, and I'll miss some -1100's when we don't. I'm not forcing to game with a pair of hands hand that might very well take no more than 6 tricks combined.

Memphis MOJO said...

I'm a 2H bidder as well. I have an excuse, I'm a conservative old man.

Jonathan Weinstein said...

I had a phase where I jump-shifted on the criterion that missing a game was possible. It never worked well for me. I've gone the other way and I'm a conservative jump-shifter.

kennyz said...

You're reading too many blogs.

Jeff said...

Over 2h, partner makes the false preference to 2S. Now what does 3H mean? Some players may plow on as responder, but you might also have already reached the best spot (imagine no diamond K).

As you note, it is still a problem.

Big club openers get it right. Those playing the power relay also win since opener can rebid 3H showing an invitational hand.

The invitational range is a problem and there are various solutions.

kennyz said...

to clarify what I meant my by cryptic comment... Gazilli is a fine convention as part of the Italians' system, but I don't think it works playing any sort of standard 2/1. It works in Stacy's system because she does not play 1NT forcing, so can pass with hands that normally rebid 2 clubs.

Howard Bigot-Johnson said...

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