Sunday, March 8, 2009

2 Problems from GNT Weekend

Here are a couple of problems that came up for me yesterday in GNT qualifying--
game all, I held
xx Axxxxx Axx xx
RHO passed as dealer, I passed and LHO opened 1 Diamond. Partner overcalled 2 Clubs, RHO made a negative double and I tried 2 Hearts. Now LHO bid 2 Spades and partner bid 2 Notrump passed to me. My bid is?


I opened the south hand 1 Notrump and partner raised to game. LHO led the 2 of hearts to RHO's queen. Eight tricks are in view but you need nine--how do you plan the play?


Memphis MOJO said...

1. 3NT and I don't honestly think anything else is close.

2. I might lead a low club to the Q and advance a low spade and stick in the king. Even if it loses, there are several good things that may happen. What you hope is they think you have Kxx and continue spades. Also, they may give you a heart trick. If they shift to a diamond, it's not the end of the world -- the 10 is a nice card.

My second choice is to lead a low diamond out of my hand. This funny-looking play might be won by RHO who will lead a heart (which is good for you). If the opps are strong, then skip this play and go for the first one.

jsnoop36 said...

1. I'm passing. Partner is playing me for a slightly better hand and expecting partner to score 7 tricks on his own seems like too much. LHO didn't joker his 1D opening bid, because he free-called 2S later, so I expect the points to be split evenly. NT rates to score as many tricks as a suit contract I think, especially thinks to my diamond stopper.

2. I like playing the CK and overtaking it with the ace, then playing a spade to the K. Playing on hearts will get you to 9 tricks, but if the opponents switch to a diamond, then they get 5 first (2 diamonds, 2 hearts, and a spade). Playing the CK first rather than small to the 10, allows you to change tack if LHO is void in clubs, so it is better than small to the 10.

Becker said...

1. At the table I thought about this forever, trying to figure out what partner had and what he was looking for. Finally I passed. I won't lose a ton of sleep over it but I think it was a dereliction of duty--the 2nt bid ought to show some source of tricks since we know that we aren't bidding game on high cards alone--what more can he need besides my two sticks? Instead of worrying about what he had I should have just looked at my assets and bid the red game. In reality, partner could have just bid 3nt himself, but i'm willing to take my share of the blame. he had Kxx void Qxx AKQTxxx

2. I forgot to add that you are playing this one against nik and ralph--so not many defensive favors will be forthcoming. anyway i played the king of clubs (not sure why) to the ace and a spade to the king--ralph won the ace and shifted to a diamond. I fiddled around and ended up down one. I was talking to nik about it afterwards--it would be a very strong play to quickly cross in clubs and play a spade off of dummy, planning to play the jack if RHO followed low. why? when a dummy like this pops up, defenders are always wary of a declarer trying to steal his 9th trick--wouldn't most easts at least consider winning the ace of spades and playing a heart through? You have to do it quickly to give the defense the least amount of time possible to analyze the situation (i can't think of a hand where ducking the ace actually gives the contract up), but overall i'm convinced it's the best pychological line.

Memphis MOJO said...

Good point on hand 2. I'm playing the first two days in Houston (NAP) -- I hope I'm thinking better by then.

Becker said...

good luck mojo, go get em.

kennyz said...
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Memphis MOJO said...

we sucked in the NAP. Didn;t make the 2nd day. We started against Ralph and Nik, so I guess I fooled the seeding ppeople.

Memphis MOJO said...

Well, I started against Ralph on Wednesday then against Diamond and Platnik on Thursday.

Apparently a sure way to get to the Vandy final is to kick my ass.