Sunday, September 14, 2008

Is There a Middle Ground?

I held this hand, vul vs not as dealer at rubber bridge tonight:
After 2 passes my partner opened 1 Heart, RHO overcalled 3 Spades and I didn't think too long before bidding 4 Hearts. My partner played it well and made and we continued playing but for some reason the hand struck me as interesting. Say you held this hand and partner opened 1 Heart, passed to you. What's your approach? What about if RHO overcalls only 1 Spade? What if you make one of your minor suit spot cards another small trump--how does that change things?


Memphis MOJO said...

I discussed this with the walkers. They all bid 4H, but were not thrilled to do so, just less thrilled with passing.

Then I asked what if it went 1H pass and they both bid 2H. I didn't mention that LTC makes this a GF hand, but I did mention that they were making a simple raise in one situation and bidding game with the same hand in another. Inconsistent, no?

I guess if you sniff the hand (instead of counting points or losers or whatever way you evaluate it), it smells like a 1H 2H bid and it smells like a 4H bid in the other auction.

Becker said...

Good to hear that I have some company because the walkers' solution is the same as mine. After the 3 spade bid, you are kind of endplayed into bidding 4 hearts...though it could be a pretty bad contract, passing with the spade void is too conservative. After 1 heart pass i also like 2 hearts just because i try not to go crazy with only 3 trump...with one less small minor suit card and a 4th trump I'd raise my partner's 1st or 2nd seat 1 heart opening to 4.