Sunday, June 22, 2008


You pick up this monster hand:
You are in 4th position, vul vs not and while you are admiring your collection, LHO opens 4 Spades which is quickly passed to you. What do you bid?


Memphis MOJO said...

Would bid 4NT which I play shows two suits. Over partner's 5C or 5D bid, I'd call 5H which says, "surprise!" I don't have two suits after all, I have hearts, but I am stronger than a direct 5H bid.

If 4NT isn't a two-suited takeout in your methods, then I guess I'd "just" bid 5H and hope for the best.

What happened?

Becker said...

well i have to admit i bid 6 hearts. partner had 2 spades 4 hearts 2 diamonds and queen-fifth of clubs. there were no miracles so i went one down on the ace of spades lead. at the other table the player in my seat bid 5 hearts.

you hit on the method i was getting at for this hand, well done--to me it's the only logical way to bid it, bringing partner into the equation. my teammate suggested your sequence--i'll be ready for it next time!

kennyz said...

my lesson from this and the last post: when playing against Drew, preempt with 4 of a major, then rest hand on the red card.