Monday, April 28, 2008

Hanging In

Jason and I had been going through a rough 2nd half of our quarterfinal match when this deal arrived. We had already played a cold grand slam in game, bid to a 30 point no play 6NT and doubled our opponents off in 3 Clubs--just made. Fortunately we weren't rattled into forgetting our carding methods on this hand.
E-W game, W dealer
The Bidding was:
P-P-P-1C(1)-P-1D(2)-2D-2S-3D-4S-all Pass
(1)-could be any balanced hand outside the strong NT range
(2)-simply denies a 5 card major
I led the ace of diamonds--on opening lead we have the agreement that a low card asks specifically for a shift to the suit that looks obvious from dummy--often 3 to an honor but here, hearts. A higher spot would suggest a continuation or trump shift and an unusual honor asks for the other suit. Jason duly played the king of diamonds and we got two ruffs to go with the 3 top tricks after my ten of clubs shift. The defense wasn't that hard and of course any pair who has discussed the situation ought to get it right, but it definitely felt good leading the club and knowing the ruff was going to happen. You may have already noticed that our result was not so hot on this hand. In fact, at the other table our opponents made 5 Hearts doubled! Fortunately this hand was the only blemish on our teammates' card for the round and we managed to advance (albeit on kind of a technicality--since there were only two brackets in play our bracket was handicapped and we were getting 11.25 IMPs from our unfortunate opponents who beat us by 11. sorry guys!) . If we'd let our guard down, certainly possible the way things were going for us, we may have let 4 Spades make and wouldn't have moved on.

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